1. Is it free?
    • Yes, free and open source. It is published under the Library GNU Public Liscense terms.
  2. Why should I use JTraceDump when I have a logger with trace- or debug-logging?
    • Becasue trace- or debug-logging is usually turned off when an application goes into production (for performance and other reasons).
      JTraceDump provides context information when a problem occurs, no matter if tracing was enabled or not.
  3. Does JTraceDump replace my logging facility?
    • No, not at all. It is an addition to a regular logger, as it does NOT write anything into any file, as long as there is no problem. It provides detailed information about the possible cause of a problem in a separate file, while the regular error log of the application might contain just one single record for that problem.
  4. JTraceDump is only one single class - can I include it directly into my project's own JAR-File?
    • No problem. You can also alter it as much as you like - except for the copyright notice. Read the license for further details.

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